Guidelines for Authors

Guidelines for Authors

Everyone, without any discrimination whatsoever, is welcome to publish articles on this blog as long as they adhere to the following guidelines.

1. This blog does not entertain articles supporting the agenda of any particular religious, political or social movement/party/group.

2. Issues that can be addressed include, but are not limited to the following;

  • Social issues faced by humanity in general and Pakistan in particular.
  • Promotion of Peace and Tolerance.
  • Political thoughts without favouring a political party.
  • Promotion of good civic sense.
  • Issues related to Religion.

3. General Guidelines

  • Downgrading, humiliating or spreading hatred against anyone; is NOT allowed.
  • Labeling any individual or group with anything which he/they do not self proclaim; is NOT allowed.
  • While criticizing is allowed but ridicule is forbidden. We request you to be polite in your criticism that you must NOT hurt any sentiments of any of our readers from any religion, sect, nationality or ethnicity.
  • Others’ private affairs must NOT be discussed unless it directly affects general public.
  • Facts should be differentiated from opinions by quoting a valid source. This point MUST be addressed when a controversial issue is being discussed.
  • The contents of this blog are the personal opinion of the author and by no means represent the policy or inclination of the organisation as a whole.

4. Any article can be published written by anyone, if it meets the standards and serves our purpose. There is no restriction of age, gender, religion, sect, nationality for the article to be published.

5. An article published anywhere else earlier may also be published, with the permission of the author OR by quoting the bibliograph.

6. If you agree with above, and have some thoughts to share, kindly forward it to


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