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August 14th: Time for Introspection

IndependenceDay1Its 14th August, My brain is trying to convince my heart about how great it is to have an independent and free country, but somehow the heart is not happy, its losing hope. The brain is telling it to see what happened to Babri Masjid, see how organizers of Gujrat massacre escaped punishment, so value your freedom. Its telling to be thankful to Allah for giving you a country where you are free to live your life, define and follow your own ambitions, own property unlike many other places (like UAE or Saudia) where you are treated as a second grade citizen. Its telling my heart to be thankful to Allah that you are not ruled by a King who will stay King for his life followed by someone from his family. The heart is listening but it doesn’t operate on reasons, it loves the country even without these arguments from brain cheering every success by the country and being sorrowful at every loss without any reason. May be its same love for the country that is making it sad.

This country is rotting. This country is bleeding. We separated from India so that Muslims are not oppressed by Majority Hindus, but the oppression did not end. We divided ourselves in groups and started oppressing minority groups. The height of ignorance is that innocent lives are taken in the name of Islam. Killing Shias have become a norm, Jahan Shia ikathay dekho, jacket pehan ke phatt jao aur jannat haasil karo. Same is the case with other minority groups, Gustakhi ka lafaz suno aur jala do sab ko.. Jo bhi samnay aayay. Fair trial ki baat karnay walay ko bhi gustakh hi samjho.. Agar Shia ya Gustakh na milay, tau Islam ka Nizam nafiz karnay ke liay maar do.. Uss ke liay tau sab halal hi he.. Aur khabardaar, Islam kay Nizam ka matlab he ke TTP mulk ki bhag dor sambhalay, Agar logon ne khud leader chose kia ho tau wo tau kaafirana nizaam he… We don’t need Hindus to oppress Muslims, we don’t need Americans and Jews, we are abundantly self-sufficient in this field. My heart is listening to the country’s cry, How can I be happy on my birthday when I am bleeding for so long now. How can I feel happy when people instead of focusing on curing the infection are still opting to remain idle until the infection reaches their family. Opinion makers are not countering the false ideology. Ideology can be fought by exposing it not by taking dollars to kill the wrong doers and killing plenty of innocents in the process. The common wrongness in what America, Army and TTP are doing is lack of respect for Human life. In simple words

“We can not use means that take considerable innocent lives to achieve the objective of stopping others to use means that take considerable innocent lives.”

The current chaos seems to be result of this attitude of killing OTHER’S innocents to save OUR innocent lives. If we have to fight this ideology, we have to stand on same principles consistently. We need to stop drones and at the same time we need to fight TTP on our own. Probably we need to detach ourselves from American aid to restore trust between public and government. Government has been lying for years to public. These lies, dollars and drones are fueling victims to blindly join the menace of TTP. In addition, these lies are fueling conspiracy theorists to create enough confusion for the people to put blame on scapegoats and variables outside our control like Americans/CIA/Jews etc. The situation seems complex and the heart is slowly losing hope trying to convince itself that things are getting better. May be darkness is at peak just before morning. May be with the check of free media, with restoration of judiciary and very competitive elections recently we could be nearing dawn inshAllah. Dawn towards a better and prosperous era inshAllah. May be…

The good thing about life is that even though we are not clear about many variables in the chaotic situation that we are in, but even with limited information we can almost always resolve the action items that relate to our circle of influence that would lead to betterment of the system. If everyone tries to do his job with excellence, it will eventually help correct some part of the overall system.

May Allah help us to realize our mistakes and correct them and make us follow the path that He likes and make our nation the leading nation of the world. Ameen.


18 thoughts on “August 14th: Time for Introspection

  1. jaisi awam waisa i leader
    i thnk ab hakomat ko blame krna k bjaye hmai phla apna ap ko thek krna hoga

    Posted by Attiq-ur-Rehman | August 14, 2013, 9:37 pm
  2. Brain tells us its gonna get worse, but heart always hopes for the best..maybe as Hope is a good thing maybe the best of the things and no good thing ever dies….always hope for the best and strive for it….It takes only a decade to come out of the rot…peoples attitudes need changing, need more education and tolerance..

    Posted by Shakil Akhtar | August 14, 2013, 9:45 pm
  3. I think, the main issue is lack of justice. When a group is deprived of justice, it seeks help and voices its concerns to authorities, when authorities fail to listen, anger sets in, and when anger accumulated it leads to violence, chaos follows soon, and then there is bloodshed, and victim becomes victimizer, hunter becomes the hunted. Once again there are cries for justice, and the same story loops over and over till time comes when everyone is the victimizer and the victim.
    Lets stop for a while and reflect on the question, do we stand by justice? do we exercise justice in our daily routine, do we try to act justly at our workplaces, and at homes, and while making daily decisions? If not then how can we expect it to prevail in the community?

    Posted by Mobien | August 15, 2013, 2:42 pm
    • Nice analogy of “loop” to explain the byproducts of injustice in long run. The variable that changes in each iteration is the victims which will become victimizers in next iterations. This slowly increases the number of victims and victimizers over time as you mentioned.

      I think the strategy to tackle this should be two pronged. Justice in our circle of influence is a must as you mentioned. At the same time, we should make sure that if we are victims in current iteration, we should not become victimizers in next iterations. Similarly, we should stand against the people who have become victimizers (from all past iterations) until they understand that it is not the right thing to do.

      Posted by Yasir Javed | August 15, 2013, 3:16 pm
    • Noblest of ends don’t ever justify evil means. If someone is wronged then it doesn’t mean that he/she is justified to use violence and that too against those (innocent civilians) who haven’t done anything to deserve this.

      If a victim decides to inflict pain on others then he/she becomes an oppressor who should be fought against.

      Posted by Muhammad Azam | August 15, 2013, 5:56 pm
      • This is possible when the society is already based on high morals and justice. In reality this principle is very difficult to follow, how can we justify fighting a suppressed-in-past-oppressor when we did not side with him when he was weak and victim? It is important in such situations for mediator/authority to bring both parties to negotiation table, and try to address the issues of both parties with a clear warning that after the rights have been justly provided any violence will not be tolerated. Simple example, kids are fighting, would u go and start beating the one who is dominant now, or would u beat up both, or would u scold them/stop them, ask the story of both sides and decide an appropriate action plan? What is just in this case?

        Posted by Mobien | August 15, 2013, 11:17 pm
      • There is nothing wrong if the suppressed fights against the oppressor. But it is wrong if suppressed fights against people “other than oppressors”.

        Be it Jews taking up Palestinian land after being oppressed in holocaust, Be it Al-Qaeda bringing down WTCs after American’s constant backing of Israel, Be is Americans invading Afghanistan killing scores of people in response to 9/11 (Or Using Drone Strikes), Be it TTP taking considering civilian lives in response to Pakistan’s support to America.

        Quite often its hard to target oppressor directly, so practically its always tempting to target people related to the oppressor. Just like torturing a criminal’s family can seriously hurt the criminal and may lead to him eventually caught. Such approach is really practical to achieve results in short run, but its morally seriously wrong and it takes the “violence loop” to next iteration instead of breaking it. And that’s what has been happening in my view.

        I agree that we should bring people to negotiation table and mediator should follow this strategy mentioned in Sura Hujraat 49:9-10. As explained very well by Nauman Ali Khan

        Posted by Yasir Javed | August 16, 2013, 2:17 am
  4. JazakAllah khair for the video.
    My question remains: When we keep silent to the suppression in the beginning, then how do we justify siding with the oppressor when he is being suppressed?
    Should Palestinians leave the holy land, cuz the current settlers have nothing to do with the conflict? Should Mori’s supporters sit in their homes, cuz they cannot single out army personnels responsible for killing the innocent people?
    When you attack people who had no conflict with you (, then expect a retaliation ( from them, with means available to them. Time-line clearly shows who was the oppressor, initiator of spilling Muslim blood. I do not support at all any attack on the civilians, but the solution is certainly not to do more operations. It is rather to have a cease fire, admit mistakes and put together a peace plan. But this is less likely to happen, as it seems that there is no fear of Allah, but only fear of America.

    Posted by Mobien | August 16, 2013, 7:09 pm
  5. If I keep silent on oppression then this is MY sin; no one else can use MY sin to justify HIS crime. A CRIME remains a crime whether or not someone speaks for/against it.

    Palestinians should fight with THOSE who are oppressing them. Morsi supporters should protest against the injustice going in Egypt by ‘peaceful’ means. In fact this is what they are doing. There is nothing wrong in fighting for your right; it is honorable thing to do. But you can’t use the WRONG means to to achieve the RIGHT goal. This is the real test; doing the right thing, sticking with principles of truth and justice in the face of intense hardships and suffering. If you have to give up the ‘right way’ then whats the difference between you and others. They started with jihad against America and ended up justifying the killings of innocent Pakistanis. This is what happened what you are after achieving ENDs without any regard of MEANS. They killed more Muslims than American/Nato soldiers in this holy war.

    Posted by Muhammad Azam | August 16, 2013, 11:13 pm
    • No one is justifying the crime here. Blood of a Muslim is more sacred than Kaba. And by definition any person who says Kalima is a Muslim.
      In our position we can only make judgements about the actions taken by both parties. While we are very comfortable in calling out the wrong of one, we must be equally comfortable in calling out the wrong of the other. We must always take things in total/whole rather than fraction/partial. Keep the complete chain of conflict in mind will help understand the mindset of both groups.
      The advantage of this approach is that if Allah wills in future we are in a position to act, we decide based on the bigger picture in mind rather than being narrow minded. This will inshAllah help solve the conflict rather than provide a short time patchwork approach creating more hatred and confusion.

      Posted by Mobien | August 17, 2013, 12:39 am
  6. The second last para of the post is most potent and one all Pakistanis must pay heed to. I completely agree with your article for I did not feel the usual zeal and happiness on this independence day which I used to exude in my younger years. And I relate to the what your article says.

    Reblogged it on:

    Posted by officialwarranty | August 19, 2013, 2:21 pm
  7. Reblogged this on What Lies Beneath The Rock.

    Posted by officialwarranty | August 19, 2013, 2:22 pm
  8. Adding one more point.
    At this instance in time, our free media is going berserk and taking undue advantage of the freedom granted to it. I believe it’s largely responsible for spreading chaos among the masses by sensationalizing issues and blowing them out of proportion. They are constantly playing at painting a bad image of the govt while portraying the masses as the weak afflicted ones. However, that’s not entirely true. There are lots of cases where we ourselves are responsible for the rut we’ve landed ourselves in. And while we need to be taught to take responsibility for our actions, the media is teaching us not to. It is giving us an avenue to point fingers and play blame games. This must be stopped and the media must operate under some ethical and responsible boundaries.

    Posted by officialwarranty | August 19, 2013, 2:29 pm
  9. Narrated Al-A’mash: I asked Abu Wail, “Did you witness the battle of Siffin between ‘Ali and Muawiya?” He said, “Yes,” and added, “Then I heard Sahl bin Hunaif saying, ‘O people! Blame your personal opinions in your religion. No doubt, I remember myself on the day of Abi Jandal; if I had the power to refuse the order of Allah’s Apostle, I would have refused it. We have never put our swords on our shoulders to get involved in a situation that might have been horrible for us, but those swords brought us to victory and peace, except this present situation.’ ” Abu Wail said, “I witnessed the battle of Siffin, and how nasty Siffin was!” (Book #92, Hadith #411)

    Posted by Mobien | August 21, 2013, 12:33 pm
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