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Abdul Sattar Edhi


It is a 20 hour daily job with no holiday or pay and Abdul Sattar Edhi still loves it, since over 50 years. Neither funded by any religious or political organization nor any state, his purpose is void of any ethnicity, religious or political motive and is therefore extremely simple – Serve Humanity. Instead of just distributing cash or sewing machines, he is always on the lookout to give a personal touch in his work. He likes to spend his time with the needy and reaches out to them in any part of the world immediately and with practical solutions. Edhi has organized the largest ambulance service in the world, has buried over two hundred thousand unclaimed bodies and enjoys his time with orphans. The uniformity of his dress, style and language speaks volumes of the fact that he does not care about anything, except his purpose.

Basing on his lifetime experience he claims that no religion is higher than humanity.

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